Past CSJ Symposia

60th Anniversary Symposium

Complimentary address to CSJ from all over the world.

Oct 2022, Okayama Univ.

International Symposium: "Symbiosis and Parasitism in Crustacea: Diversity and Ecological Studies in Asian Region"

Nov. 2019.   CSJ & AMBS   GIS NTU Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan.       See more !

International Symposium on Barnacle Biology, Part III: Reproductive Biology of Barnacles

October 2019, 57th CSJ Annual Meeting (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology  Shinagawa).     Photos:  See more !

International Symposium: Frontiers in Crustacean Biology: Asian Perspectives Part II

TCS & CSJ presented the symposium.  May 2019 (Henry Cheng International Conference Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong), TCS Mid-year Meeting in Hong Kong.  See more !



Symposium【New insights into habitat scales of crustaceans】. 3 Oct 2018.  Tokai University. See more !


 Symposium: Bioresource Science of Sakura-ebi shrimp Lucensosergia lucens in Suruga Bay.  2018年10月21日(日)東海大学海洋学部.  See more !


October 2017 in Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo.    See more !


Symposium: A new relationship with an invasive freshwater crayfish Procambarus clarkii . 9 October 2017.   See more !

Joint International Conference on Crustacea: by International Association of Astacology & Carcinological Society of Japan

International Association of Astacology (IAA)と日本甲殻類学会との合同大会(2014)。See more !

International Symposium on Barnacle Biology, Part II

11 Oct 2014  東京海洋大学品川キャンパス  See more !

International Symposium on Barnacle Biology

 Jun 16, 2014 at Seto Marine Biologisal Laboratory, Kyoto University See more !


Symposium: Biology of Peracarids. 2015年10月9日。東京海洋大学品川キャンパス。See more !